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Another Thought On Alzheimer's

This might seem a bit contradictory... I am making a short film about white people, and yet as of 2013 Alzheimer's is twice as likely to hit African American seniors and one and a half times as likely to strike Latino seniors.

African -Americans are less likely than whites to be diagnosed, given the estimated prevalence rates in the United States. Second, when they are diagnosed, African-Americans and Hispanics – possibly due to issues surrounding access to health care – are typically diagnosed in later stages of the disease, resulting in higher use of health care services and substantially higher costs.

So, it would be good to get the word out about this with my short film: Dear Frank. However, as a filmmaker, I feel obligated to tell the stories that I know. I didn't grow up Latino, or Black. I don't have the cultural context to tell that story. Now I could research, I could speak to people about their experiences, but it would never quite be true to my p…

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