The Industry: Making it

We have started a new series of posts here detailing news in the "Industry" or about the "Industry". We want to tell you a little bit about who's coming out, how they got there and what's going on with them. This time we look at Jarrett Williams!

There are a million artists out there looking to hit it big and we finally know one of them. Jarrett Williams had always been a stellar student when I knew him at SCAD. He was an amazing artist and one of the hardest workers in class. If you like his Super Pro K.O. comic you will Love his Lunar Boy.  I can only hope that Oni will pick up that title as well.

Newsarama did a nice interview with him and he mentions the pitfalls of actually "making it" in the Industry.
Jarrett's Interview
I have to say that this is too true. The dream you had as a kid to draw all day quickly falls into the morass of marketing, money, budgets, appearances, and sales figures. Comics are a business like any other, and from experience I can tell you that even your favorite publishers are clawing at the edge. With Marvel and DC holding over 80% of the comics market, it is no wonder that publishers like Top Shelf and Oni are teaming up with Hollywood just so they can hold on to their publishing arm.

It's tough out there. But at the same time comic fans are fanatic and loyal fans. They can raise a newcomer up to cult like status if the climate is right. Don't give up on your little webcomic, or ash can copy of the next best thing. Keep trying, keep working it, keep the ideas flowing!


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