Being Creative in Atlanta

Being a creative in Atlanta has changed a lot in the past 10 years. There are more artists here than ever. As I often tell people from LA and New York: "Yeah, it's a real city."

Filmmakers, especially, have been coming here to Atlanta in droves. But we are still missing some key ingredients for a truly independent indie scene. One of those is good writing.  If you want to see an example take a look at THIS.  Or see my struggle to make a script great; HERE. If you want to join in, here are some of the best places in Atlanta to write and up your writing game:

1. Octane Coffee
Multiple Locations, always on point. You can stay here forever.

400 Park Dr NE (Piedmont Ave. NE), Atlanta, GA
Who doesn't want to write in nature?
3417 Roswell Rd, Atlanta, GA
Comfy retreat outside the city.
Network, talk to other writers, get out of your own head!

Table reads for your scripts.

Need some time to yourself to really work on your next project. Why not try a residency. Here is a local one to Georgia!


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