Creators 4 Creators Grant

When the Xeric Grant went away, I was please to discover that the industry stepped up and gave comics creators the chance to break into the industry with a little cash.

You can find out more and see the winner here:

I wanted to share my submission with you. I wrote and colored the pages and Coop Phillips penciled and inked. It was my first time as a writer and creator, directing someone else. It was a bit surreal handing my vision off to another person as the reason I love comics so much is that I can write them, draw them, and market them myself.

I had to let some things go. I had to be a good creator and not just find fault. I also had to maintain my vision.  It's a story I love so I'm also developing it into a TV pilot and a film. All iterations are slightly different to serve each medium.

I would still like to do another color pass on these where I get something more dynamic out of it but this is what I have for now:


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