My day job for the past year plus has been meeting the fine folks of the film industry for the Savannah College of Art and Design here in Atlanta. We have programming every week and I'm happy to say we have had 8 Oscar nominated guests as well as a line up of amazing locals like Line Producer Will Greenfield, to name just one.

I have come full circle to the college I called home (*E@QRE&* years ago. It's been a transformative and engaging education on the education system. I have meet great people here and I continue to look forward to meeting more. With an event every week it's never dull.

Here's me creeping on a guest!

Here's where I work.

You get the idea.

This job hones my organizational skills and keeps me in touch with the trends of my industry. Plus, it never hurts when you get to have breakfast with Edward James Olmos. (Yeah, I name dropped) 😝


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